Meal Plans

The following meal plans weave two dinner series together to give you 4 meals. In them, you’ll find a combined shopping list and additional tips on prep. The recipes can be found in Cook Once Dinner Fix.

Chicken + Pork Meal Plan
Chicken + Pork 1 Download
Chicken + Pork 2 Meal Plan
Chicken + Pork 2 Download
Chiken + Beef Meal Plan
Chicken + Beef Download
Chicken Vegetarian 1 Meal Plan
Chicken + Vegetarian 1 Download
Chicken Vegetarian 2 Meal Plan
Chicken + Vegetarian 2 Download
Turkey Beef 1 Meal Plan
Turkey + Beef 1 Download
Turkey Beef 2 Meal Plan
Turkey + Beef 2 Download
Beef + Pork Meal Plan
Beef + Pork Download
Seafood Pork Meal Plan
Seafood + Pork Download
Seafood Vegetarian Meal Plan
Seafood + Vegetarian Download

Shopping Lists

Below, you’ll find a shopping list for every dinner series in Cook Once Dinner Fix organized by how you would move through a grocery store. The full recipes can be found in Cook Once Dinner Fix.

For a compiled document with all 60 shopping lists, click HERE.

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